The Big Meeting

As my scheduled meeting with the oncologist draws near, I have taken advantage of this quiet Thanksgiving Monday afternoon to review my notes, my health journal and to go through my list of questions for my upcoming meeting.

Now that I had my the last scheduled chemotherapy treatment a little more than 6 weeks ago, I am in good spirits (as usual) and feeling fine overall. The signs of chemotherapy-induced neuropathy like numbness in the toes and fingers persist. After sitting around for a while in front of a computer screen and getting out of bed in the morning, my muscles do not respond as I would like. Perhaps that has more to do with aging. In any event, physical activity like household chores, walking and biking is still on my daily list of things to do.

My only concern is the appearance a dull pain in my abdomen, just under the ribcage, which I suspect has something to do with my enlarged spleen. The fancy medical term used for this condition is splenomegaly. I understand that this condition does not necessarily mean that cancer has invaded the spleen. It may also be enlarged because it has been working extra hard during the course of chemotherapy I received. More about this later.

To avoid any complications with regard to my spleen,  as a precaution, I have suspended my Saturday morning yoga classes until I find out more about what is going on and what future course of treatment may be in store for me, if any.

Finally, it was a fine weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving with my immediate family and to take the time to recognize all the positive aspects I call my “tiny grattidudes” that I have experienced since this journey with cancer began more than ten months ago.

My niece and nephew

Next week end is the Light the Night walk for raise funds for cancer research and support for cancer patients organized by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. My campaign to sollicit funds for this foundation and for the hospital where I was treated has been encouraging for a first-timer. However, this experience has been quite revealing regarding true friends, social media.  I intend to write up a blog about this when all the results are in.

If you have not done so yet, please consider donating to either of the foundations listed below:

Light the Night Walk

Fondation Hôpital Charles-Lemoyne



About DonD

Since March 2012, I have been struggling with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma (DBCL). Depuis mars 2012, je suis aux prises avec un lymphome (cancer) à grosses cellules diffuses de type B.
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2 Responses to The Big Meeting

  1. Claudia Desaulniers says:

    Je pense à toi demain.
    I love you.
    Gros Bizou

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