A Short Bio

I am 58 years of age and I live near Montreal Canada. I work as a professional environmental scientist in the environmental group of a major international engineering consulting firm and  I hold I hold doctorate degree in the Earth Sciences from the University of Waterloo. While my academic training was in earth sciences, outside of work, my  personal interests range from classic literature, travelling, nature journalling, drawing, watercolour painting, restoring vintage fountain pens, fine wines, opera, jazz and classical music, yoga, cycling and cross-country skiing.

All in all, I consider myself lucky despite my cancer diagnosis as  as I have supportive people around me including my wife, my brother and sisters, cousings, relatives, friends and  numerous colleagues at my place of work. I am also fortunate to have a generous health insurance program, which has relieved much of the burden and stress while I am off work for an extended medical leave of absence. For all this I am grateful!


3 Responses to A Short Bio

  1. Aboubacar says:

    Hey Mom be strong and get better soon!


  2. Aboubacar says:

    Hey Don ,
    You may not see or hear these words in our conventional physico-biological ways, but I would like to let you know that you have been a great source of inspiration to me. I will always keep with me the numerous good memories we shared. Rest in peace my friend, tutor and ”Mom”!
    Your spirit is alive and free of cancer, forever !


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